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Where are my music downloads from iSweat Music stored?
If you have iTunes installed, albums will be installed directly into your iTunes library. If you do not have iTunes but you have Windows Media Player, we suggest you set up your Preferences to import albums into your Windows Media Player library.

What does DRM-free mean?
Digital Rights Management or "DRM" commonly refers to software that is designed to control or limit how a file can be played, copied, downloaded, shared, or accessed. DRM-free means that the MP3 files you purchase from do not contain any software that will restrict your use of the file.

Why are Music Downloads only available in MP3 format?
MP3 is the most widely compatible music file format and is supported by most media player applications, hand-held music devices, and some CD and DVD players. Our MP3 format also provides you with the freedom to transfer music you buy at the iSweat Fitness Music store to any device you'd like or copy it to a CD without restrictions of any kind.

What are the technical specifications of MP3 Music Download files?
Here's more information about music files from the iSweat Fitness Music Downloads store:
  • Bit Rate: Where possible, we encode our MP3 files using variable bit rates for maximum audio quality and smaller file sizes, aiming at an average of 256 kilobits per second (kbps). Using a variable bit rate allows us to allocate a higher bit rate to the more complex sections of music files while using a smaller bit rate for the less complex sections. The average of these rates is then calculated to produce an average bit rate for the entire file that represents the overall sound quality. Some of our content is encoded using a constant bit rate of 256 kbps. This content will have the same excellent audio quality at a slightly larger file size.
  • File Size: A typical 3-minute song takes up approximately 5MB of storage space.
  • Download Times: A single MP3 file 5MB in size will download in less than one minute on a typical broad-band Internet connection. A similar download on a 56k dial-up connection can take up to 30 minutes.
  • Album Cover Art: Album cover art is included with each song you download.
Which computer operating systems are compatible with iSweat Fitness Music?
You can buy albums from any computer with a web browser capable of downloading files from the Internet. The MP3 files you purchase will download directly to your computer and are compatible with any system that can read the MP3 music format.

What if I have trouble downloading my MP3 purchase?
Please refer to the tips on our Troubleshooting Download Issues Help page. You may need to adjust your network or Web browser settings to allow downloads from

What do I do if I don't have an MP3 player?
You will need a media player installed on your computer (like iTunes or Windows Media Player) or a hand-held MP3 device to enjoy your iSweat Fitness Music downloads. If your computer is not currently equipped with a media player, you can visit our Downloading a Media Player Help page for more information on compatible media players.

Are there any restrictions on how I use the music I purchase?
When you make a purchase from the iSweatmusic MP3 Music Downloads store, you are also accepting and bound by the iSweat Fitness Music Terms & Conditions. The albums you purchase from are free of Digital Rights Management software so that you have the flexibility to play them on any of your media players, PC or burn them to CD.

Can I burn my MP3 files on a CD and listen to it on my CD player?
Yes. MP3 files downloaded from the iSweat Fitness Music store should be compatible with most CD burning software or CD and DVD players capable of reading MP3 audio files.

Can I download another copy of my MP3 files after the initial purchase?
Your iSweat Fitness Music purchases can only be downloaded once. After you have successfully downloaded the file to your computer at the time of purchase, we recommend that you create a backup copy. We are currently unable to replace any purchased files that you delete or lose due to a system or disk error. If you encounter a problem with an MP3 file immediately after purchase, please click the Customer Service button in the Contact Us box in the right-hand column of this page so we can determine how to help you.

Can I return an iSweat Fitness Music Download after I buy it?
As indicated in the iSweat Fitness Music Terms & Conditions, , music downloads are not returnable once they have been purchased. If you need assistance with a purchase or download, please contact customer service.

Contacting Customer Service
To reach us via phone or e-mail, please click the Customer Service button in the Contact Us box in the right-hand column of this page. Contacting us through the Web site allows you to verify security before a call is placed and ensures we have your account information ready when we call you. Our live customer service associates are available from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, seven days a week.

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